M.A Contest

4 July -8th July

Blessings and welcome to Gameisly MA 2022 COMPETITION


I Pray that the grace of God be unleashed on what so ever we use our experience to do, that was gathered here for and that it will be done with excellence to the Glory of God, that we will understand the principles of coding and graps the knowledge with the grace of God, as you continue to bless and keep us in Jesus name.


What is coding? What Is CodingCoding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to. Every line of code tells the computer to do something, and a document full of lines of code is called a script. Each script is designed to carry out a job.

but we will be using a code called


A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.



during this nearly two week experience you will need:

  • A computer to operate from
  • To be focus to grap the knowledge offered
  • Internet Access
  • Algorithm software (will be provided)


Thats it!

Now inorder to successful win the prize(s) you will need to use the shortcut print screen seen on your computer as (prt sc sys Rq) send your completed version via this info@gameisly.com (no same work will be accepted) NO CHEATING!

Take the chance to learn coding now!

Principles of Programming

Learn other programming languages





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